OR-V5 floor scrubber dryer industrial washing machine electric auto floor scrubber

OR-V5 walk behind floor scrubber combines washing, vacuuming and drying, especially for area cleaning of ceramic tile, marble, epoxy resin and cement floors, which is widely used in supermarket, government office, hospital, hotel, terminal building, subway platform and etc.
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New Products
  • Road Sweeper Hand push sweeper
    OR-P100A Indoor Use Walk Behind Electric Sweeper With CE Certificate

    OR-P100A Walk Behind Sweeper is especially suitable for using in hall, waiting hall, hospital, factory, pavement and etc. Equipment with an automatic cleaning system. There is no dust, noise when this road sweeper is working. The walk behind sweeper with light and smart construction can walk easily among crowd also it can be maintained easily.

  • Carpet Clean Machine
    OR-DTJ2A Carpet Vacuum Washing Machine

    Carpet Vacuum Washing Machine mainly uses for office, hotel ,.etc. places.

  • Electric Street Sweeper
    OR-E800W Electric Outdoor Street Sweeper With Front Glass

    Electric Street Sweeper combined functions of vacuum system, sweeping and water spray. It is good to be used for outdoor cleaning, such as park, sanitation, cleaning company, property management company, square and university.

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Product Detail

Characteristics :

1. The operation panel is easy to understand and can be operated without special training.

2. The floating skirt is used as a brush cover, and there is no water splash and the cleaning effect is better.

3. Equipped with high-quality manual ball valves and solenoid valves, the water volume is adjustable to suit different application environments.

4. Sewage tank with water level induction system, when the tank is full it will automatic shut down to avoid burning out the motor.

5. The curved squeegee is made of aluminum alloy die-casting at one time and has a leak-proof design. After using, the floor is dry, without water marks, durable and has a good cleaning effect. 


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