High Pressure Washing Vehicle Urban Streets, Highways, Squares, Viaducts And Airports

High Pressure Washing Vehicle is widely used in the area of urban streets, highways, squares, viaducts and airports.
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    Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
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Product Detail

High Pressure Washing Vehicle


1. The electric high-pressure washing vehicles are equipped with water guns, which are mainly used to clear the adlets posted in the city and the blind corners such as walk plates, rails, street curb, etc. as well as the ground oil stain from street vendors, and they can also be used for disinfection and spraying pesticides.

2. The body is featured with non-bearing body structure, which is strong in rigidity and distortion resistant.

3. It is featured with reinforced axle and two rear tires, and the front and rear suspensions are the overall bridge style with strong carrying capacity.

4. The cleaning devices consist of the devices including front cleaning device, cylindrical single-point (two-point) cleaning device, manual spray gun device and so on.

High Pressure Washing VehicleHigh Pressure Washing VehicleHigh Pressure Washing VehicleHigh Pressure Washing VehicleHigh Pressure Washing VehicleHigh Pressure Washing VehicleHigh Pressure Washing VehicleHigh Pressure Washing Vehicle


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