Misuse Of Driving Sweep Machine 2017-12-29 18:30:25
The ride on sweeping machine has been widely applied to the environment of municipal sanitation, real estate, factories, construction sites and so on. Although most of the operators have been trained before they are used, there are still some misunderstandings in the actual operation process.

1. Longer battery charging time
As the power source of the driving machine, the use of the battery is very important. The battery can not lose electricity in the process of use. When charging, we should also pay attention to the charging time, the charging time is too long, and the battery will be damaged, and the battery will be paralyzed directly.

2.Tighter the belt
The driver and generator of the sweeper will use the driving belt, and some people think that the tighter the belt, the better the cleaning effect is. But the fact is that it is too tight to make the belt deform. At the same time, it will also cause the internal consumption of the machine to increase, so the drive belt of the machine must have a good degree.

3.The less machine usage
Most people will think that the less the number of uses, the less damage to the machine, not just for the road sweeping machine, other machines are the same. If the driving sweeper is not used for a long time, we must also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine, and pay attention to the battery, because the machine will also consume electricity in the process of placing, so we need to charge the battery regularly. These erroneous zones are often trapped by people, resulting in unnecessary failures and losses of machines. Therefore, on some issues, they can't follow their own ideas, and we should seriously understand some related problems of machines.
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